SLOW. At Povilenas, we epitomise slow fashion. We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical practices. Each concept is rooted in the past, where it lends from tradition to acquire a timeless aesthetic. It lives in the present, as local artisans imbue their soul and story into the garment. And it transcends into the future as a long lasting, quality design that customers will wear for years to come.​

SHORT. Making the supply chain as short as possible allows Povilenas full control from concept to the final seem. We work directly with local artisans and seamstresses to promote their craft, empowering and elevating them to world renowned status. Our materials are carefully sourced from local, European manufacturers All our fabrics are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and details like buttons are sourced from local suppliers. This way, we support local craftspeople with fair working conditions and pay.

STOP. We promote responsible consumption patterns as the highest form of expression. Slow fashion is the choice to articulate your individuality through clothing rather than mindlessly consuming the next passing trend. It is the choice to express over excess. Our collections embody this ethos by featuring long-lasting apparel in limited editions of less than 20 per pattern. Any excess fabric and clothing left from previous collections are upcycledin new collections — eliminating waste and the negative impact of producing new.


“To empower modern individuals with self-expression, inspiration and innovation. To be synonymous with elegance and creativity by fusingtraditional aesthetics with a futuristic vision.”


To build a sustainable fashion house by empowering local artisans and craftspeople. Through the hands of the designer and the seamstress, each pieceacquires a distinct voice and unique singular aesthetic.Povilenas designs to encouraging global acceptance and the power of diversity as a driving force behind our culture. Creating beauty is about capturing, reflecting and complimenting the sophistication of the man or woman wearing the clothing.


Not to create clothing, but to tell stories. Povilenas designs express the soul and history of the designer, the artisan, and the wearer in one singular aesthetic experience.