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2018: Founded Fashion House in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2019: Produced the inaugural collection titled “I’m Not in Love.”

2021: Expanded operations by founding a Fashion House in Berlin, Germany.

2021: Featured in the London Fashion Week profile.

2022: Attained the status of Professional Art Creator in Lithuania.

2022: Became a proud member of the Fashion Council Germany.

2023: Expanded operations in Paris, France.



Objectively fashion found me quite late. But if I reflect closely, it has been there a long time. I remember a small boy hiding under his blanket. There it was dark and quiet enough to dive into his own world of thoughts and creation. He loved to draw lines and only lines – creating a sketch that would just make sense to him but probably no one else. He found comfort in this, as he seemed to not fit into the real world surrounding him. As he grew up, his own world began to blur with reality and swallowed his emotion to appear more masculine. He trained in two basketball teams until he, in fact, blacked out. His heart started to reflect the abuse of his body until he was forced to stop by doctors. A year of self-reflection began, and enormous sensitivity re-appeared from deep inside. He worked in a clothing store and began to see the pattern of each piece. Pattern made of lines that he knew so well. Those lines made sense to him. What made no sense to him, were the emotions he felt while looking at them. He never liked to feel. But he was impressed by the power that the garments had on him – by the transfer of emotion that hit his own deep inside. Despite some sort of internal refusal, he remained curious and started to learn and study the art of how to design and produce a garment. As he held his first piece in his hands, he felt an indescribable mixture of feelings, most pronounced a great relieve. A relieve from the emotion he could never express but was able to put into this piece. And hoped others would feel the same. Today, after the wrap of my first collections I want to go back and hug this little boy. The boy that finally found his power in sensitivity.


I am simple man. I do not need so much.But I need solitude to arrange my thoughts in a manner,so that I understand them. My brain seems to be extremely biased to see the aesthetic and exclude the rest. I would be aware, but not focus on thoughts and perceptions causing negative emotions in me.Sometimes it may happen that I find myself far from reality.Moments of rationalisation will follow and ground me.Those are unpleasant, but necessary.This oscillations are essential.They drive the process to create a my own world of aesthetic.






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