Our World

Our world is still, yet constantly stirring.
We draw on creativity, authenticity and transformation, while rejecting the notion of reality.

Do you strive to be the same, or do you crave distinction? In our world you will find both –
a perfect storm of diversity and inclusion. For this we honour the ancient philosophy of yin and yang, where opposing forces work together to achieve dynamic balance.

Our Fashion House was born from this ideology. We make clothes for a new generation of individuals. We seek change while respecting tradition. We move forward while standing completely still. Welcome to our world.

Genderless slow fashion for diverse individuals.

Our designs are focused on soul, character, and sophistication, not the gender of the person wearing them. Each one is as distinctive and unique as the humans of our world.

Genderless fashion designers make clothes for people, not body parts. They have a state of mind that focuses on the fluid nature of beauty. But genderless doesn’t have to mean shapeless, formless neutrality. It can be vividly expressive, striking, and vibrant. Aesthetics should never be compromised.

Our androgynous styles are created to help you embrace your most authentic self. They have the power to express who you are beyond the binary. They are unapologetic, daring, and transformative. They do not conform to boundaries or boxes, and each one is crafted from the characteristics of a distinctive individual.

In our garments, you will see the past and the future. You will see the divergence of the world and all the people in it. You will see heterogeneity in its purest form.

In addition, each of our designs is limited, with just 20 or fewer made in each pattern. Custom designs are completely unique and curated from an interpretation of the customer’s character and essence.

If we are not all cut from the same cloth, so why should our clothes be?

What makes a fashion brand sustainable?

Our world is hurting. We can no longer stand by and allow the mindless destruction to continue. But the word sustainable has lost its meaning in a sea of heedless marketing. That’s why we take the time to explain the specific steps we are taking to ensure our garments are kinder to the environment.
Slow fashion has a deeper meaning than sustainable fashion because it more accurately describes the process.

Slow fashion means clothes that are created with care at every stage of the supply chain. We work directly with local seamstresses and suppliers, developing solicitous relationships with real people. We are devoted to fair working conditions and pay. We only use fabrics sourced from European manufacturers. Excess fabric and clothing from previous collections are reused in the following collections, thus completing the cycle.

However, fashion is slowed further by the people that wear it. You must make a conscious choice to select styles that timelessly define you, rather than those that reflect transient trends and materialism. This is why our garments are made with only the highest quality materials, built to last as long as you do.